Permanent Exhibition

Friedrich Phillip Reinhold, The "Wiener Thor" in Klosterneuburg, 1818

about the history of Klosterneuburg

On February 5th, 1298 Duke Albrecht I. granted the inhabitants of Neunburch closterhalben a new town Charta. This "new" town, which until then had only included the districts around St. Martin’s Church and the so called "Obere Stadt"("Upper Town") was expanded by the so called "Untere Stadt"("Lower Town"), which gave room to a farmer’s market as well as a landing place for the shipping traffic on the Danube. The merging of those three districts is considered the hour of birth of today’s Klosterneuburg. In 1954 Klosterneuburg became the third biggest town in Lower Austria, when the so-called "Katastralgemeinden"("cadastral communes") were incorporated.  

Klosterneuburg history goes back to prehistoric times. So the exhibition showcases the development of the so-called "Babenbergerstadt" ("Town of the Babenbergs") from its first settlements up to the present. The House of Babenberg was the ruling noble family of parts of Austria from 976 to 1246.
 On planning this exhibition a children friendly design was of great importance. That is why this exposition of the town history is divided into two parts: one for adults and one for children - created by "kids for kids". 


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